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  • NEW RELEASE - Forgiveness Kits

    In this new book and CD, I challenge you to liberate yourself from the wounds of the past and to embrace the new power of forgiveness.  With my 21-Day Forgiveness Plan and the supporting tools in the kit, you'll explore relationship dynamics with your parents, children, friends, partners, co-workers, bosses, yourself, and even God. With journaling work and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as "tapping"), you'll learn to live with more love; gain new clarity on your life, lessons, and blessings; and discover a new level of personal freedom, peace, and wellbeing.  Find Out More »

    Iyanla Vanzant books and CDs
  • Books and CDs

    Through my life experiences, I have uncovered my life's purpose, discovered the power that lies within my soul and recovered my cultural and spiritual self. Part of my ministry is to share this journey with you through my writing and speaking. My prayer is that my journey will support you in your journey. Let's take a few steps together. Find Out More »

    Iyanla Vanzant books and CDs
  • Inner Visions Institute

    I am often asked to be a mentor or guide someone in his or her spiritual development. As much as I love to teach, there just are not enough hours in the day for me to do this with one individual at a time. So I started a school where I can do this with groups. And then I called some of my like-minded and expertly trained friends to join the faculty so we can deliver the best instruction and ensure each student is fully supported. Find Out More »

    Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development
  • Workshop

    Sometimes, the requirements for healing just cannot be put into words. Sometimes, you just have to jump in the water and learn how to swim. I call that experience a workshop. A workshop is the opportunity to come and do the work that your soul is calling for in order to transform your life and manifest your vision. I will support you and facilitate the healing. You will do the work. Find Out More »

    Iyanla Vanzant spiritual healing and personal development workshops
  • MasterPeace

    When I'm not traveling, speaking, writing or appearing on TV, I am sitting in my kitchen on a stool making soap. Yes with my own two hands, I massage the soap, grind the herbs, mix in the oils, etc. Yes with my own two lips, I speak the prayers that activate all the healing elements that are combined for each formula's specific purpose. These hand and heart-made products are designed not only to clean your body, but more importantly, they work on an energetic level to refresh, revive and renew your spirit. Find Out More »

    Iyanla and Gemmia Vanzant MasterPeace soap
  • Soul Food

    If you want your life to work, you must be willing to do the work. I've gathered some spiritual exercises to support you in building and strengthening your spiritual muscle. Now if you are like me, you do not like exercise very much. No worries! Start with five minutes a day and work your way up. It worked for me and it can work for you! Find Out More »

    Iyanla Vanzant soul food spiritual exercises